Footy Fever

So if you follow me on any social media you will know that I am extremely excited for the 2014 AFL season to have started!!!! I know I’m from the states but I am a huge AFL fan! Ive been getting a lot of questions about this so I’m answering them in this blog! First I pretty much bleed red and black and don the sash with pride.. I’m very happy to say I’m an Essendon Bombers fan. Second I think we will have an amazing season and could not be more ecstatic to see how this season goes down.  I have a lot of people asking who my second team is… I don’t have one.. all my energy goes into Essendon and I don’t have time for other teams!! As well as being a supporter I also just love AFL in general. I watch as many footy shows as I can, I watch as many games as I can of all teams and try to go as often as possible. I  work most Saturday nights so I find it hard to attend too many but who knows one day you may run into me at a game! I would like to clear up that I’m not some dumb girl who likes footy coz its cool or to appeal to male fans.. because although guys love a girl who’s into footy they don’t like a girl who doesn’t support their team. I don’t do footy tips but if I had time I would do AFL dream team. But I don’t. I have been getting a lot of requests t do  footy themed shoot.. I was really hesitant but have finally done one! Allure Entertainment took some amazing shots of me and I will be releasing them on social media before each game !! So stay tuned! For now here is some from that set that I love!!! Hope yall are having an amazing week!!!

Xoxo miley




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